Innovative Solutions for a High-End Car Dealership: A Goldmark Plumbing Case Study

News , Site case 10/19/2023

Innovative Solutions for a High-End Car Dealership: A Goldmark Plumbing Case Study


In the world of plumbing, every project comes with its unique set of challenges. When Goldmark Plumbing received a call from an exotic car dealership located on the 3rd floor of a building, they knew they had to come up with a drainage solution that was not only reliable but also aesthetically pleasing.

The client required drainage for a prayer room, a coffee station, and a kitchen, but breaking into the floor was not an option. With drainage ducts positioned at either end of the floor, finding a solution seemed impossible without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

The Recommendations:

Sanishower Flat for the Prayer Room:

The prayer room presented a challenge due to its limited floor area. To address this, Goldmark Plumbing recommended the installation of a Sanishower Flat. This compact yet powerful solution was perfect for the prayer room, ensuring efficient drainage without compromising the aesthetics of the space.

SaniSpeed for the Coffee Shop:

The coffee shop required a solution that could handle a longer distance and varying water temperatures. Goldmark Plumbing chose the SaniSpeed for this task. Its robust design and capability to handle grey water under difficult conditions made it the ideal choice for the coffee station, ensuring a seamless drainage system.

SaniCom1 for the Kitchen Area:

The kitchen area posed a unique challenge due to the presence of a large sink, an ice machine, and the distance from the main drainage line. Goldmark Plumbing recommended the installation of a Sanicom1. This powerful unit could easily handle the demands of the kitchen, providing reliable drainage for all its components.


The successful completion of this project at the exotic car dealership stands as a testament to Goldmark Plumbing's expertise and innovative approach to plumbing solutions. By recommending specific Saniflo products tailored to each area's unique requirements, Goldmark Plumbing was able to provide the client with a reliable and efficient drainage system, all without the need for disruptive core drilling through the floor.

This case study serves as a prime example of how innovative plumbing solutions, such as those offered by Saniflo, can overcome even the most challenging scenarios. It highlights the importance of working with experienced professionals like Goldmark Plumbing, who have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right products for each specific application.


In the end, the exotic car dealership now boasts functional and aesthetically pleasing facilities on its 3rd floor, thanks to the strategic recommendations of Goldmark Plumbing and the reliable performance of Saniflo products. This successful collaboration demonstrates the potential for creative problem-solving in the world of plumbing, benefiting businesses and their clients alike.