Ideal for commercial / demanding applications

  • Handle large amounts of grey water
  • Resist up to 90 °c water temperature
  • Cope with watered down chemicals
  • High vertical discharge distance - 8 m

SANICOM ® 1 is a grey water lift station: kitchen, bathroom (without WC) or laundry.

The SANICOM ® 1 consists of a pump and a small tank. automatic activation with a pressure tube that controls the motors running. As soon as the grey water effluents enter the tank, the pump will turn on and discharge the waste to the main line.

This lifting station is manufactured in France in the SFA factory of Brégy (60).


Inlet diameter
2 inlets DN40 (Ø ext. 40 mm)
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
25 mm
Motor power
750 W
Supply voltage
Electrical class
IP rating
Shower tray height
25 cm minimum
Activation level
145 mm
Maximum absorbed current
3.3 A
Maximum incoming water temperature
90 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Weight (including accessories)
12 kg
Maximum recommended depth
8 m
Tank volume
10 L
Vent diameter
40 mm
Possible connections
Connection options: Greywater from bathroom (without toilet), kitchen, laundry