Shot Saniflo – Double shot!

News 10/22/2019

Shot Saniflo – Double shot!

A convenience store chain in Durban, KZN had a challenge at hand. They had to install a coffee counter and staff kitchen, but they were located opposite to the drain point. This meant that, in order to install the coffee counter and staff kitchen, they would have to break walls and break up tilework, causing major disruption in the store.

Sanicom 1 was the solution! They were able to install an effective drain point that served the staff kitchen as well as the Empire Coffee Co. counter without having to break any tiles or walls. The store also wasn’t interrupted, so business could carry on without having to stop.

Saniflo has a solution for any plumbing challenge. Visit our product category to have a look at our extensive range of effective macerators and grey water pumps.

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