SFA makes it's 3D product files available to you through the BIMobject site in order to help you create your virtual renderings.


BIM (Building information modeling) is now well known in the building world and allows designers to produce a 3D model of the project, using objects with multiple layers of technical data. Objects are 3D computer representations of the various components of a construction. The plans are therefore now in digital format.

The digital model provides a perfectly detailed image of a building, allowing you to investigate the different interconnections of the components.

Why is BIM becoming essential?

According to a recent United Nations study, the world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050. Construction stakeholders must find more efficient design methods to design and construct buildings, not only to meet global demand, but also to create smarter, greener and more resilient spaces. The integration of the different elements is essential.

BIM not only enables design and construction teams to work more efficiently, but also to improve operations and maintenance activities. This is the reason why the use of BIM is increasingly used all over the world.


Always keen to be at the forefront of innovation SFA now offers its products in 3D format using commonly used formats, whether they come from the big names in digital publishing or even royalty-free. The various Saniflo macerators, Sanicompact, Sanipump, Sanicubic and even Sanifos ranges are therefore available in several computer formats in order to build a digital model of a building.