From the kitchen to the bathroom , SFA offers the possibility of creating these new spaces, everywhere, without major work.
A small diameter drain, a water inlet and a power outlet are enough! Let your projects run free with SFA ...


SFA supports you throughout the process, to find the most suitable solution


  • Saniflo: The All-in-One Plumbing Solution for Homeowners, Pros, and More

    Unleash Plumbing Possibilities with Saniflo In the realm of plumbing, Saniflo stands out as the hero, not just for homeowners, but for the entire plumbing industry in South Africa and abroad. From DIY enthusiasts to seasoned contractors, Saniflo empowers everyone with reliable, efficient, and innovative plumbing solutions. Let's explore why Saniflo reigns supreme in the plumbing world.

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  • Saniflo vs. Alternative Plumbing Systems: Making the Informed Choice

    Considering alternative plumbing solutions for your home or project? Look no further than Saniflo! Saniflo systems go beyond traditional methods, offering innovative solutions for upflush toilets and macerating pumps. This blog post compares Saniflo to other options, highlighting the features that make Saniflo the superior choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

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SFA offers a wide range of products to meet the requirements of all of your projects: macerators, compacts, grey water pumps or even lifting stations which can be installed above ground or below ground. And we have the performance to match your lifting requirements.