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    Saniflo takes care of the toothache! A dental practise in a mall in the Western Cape was relocating to a better spot when they realised that they had nowhere to go with waste water coming from the basins, and they could not have their own toilet as the new space was in the middle of the mall where there were no sewage pipes. Luckily, with Saniflo they were able to relocate without drama. A Sanipro XR was fitted to accommodate their staff toilet and wash basin, and a Sanivite was fitted [...]

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    The owners of a charming house in St James had a problem. Their kitchen water was draining into a pit in the garden, which clogged and created bad smells. The main drainage pipe is on the other side of the house, and to fix the problem, major construction would have been necessary. Saniflo came to the rescue! To discharge waste from the kitchen up to the roof and across to reach the main drain pipe behind the house and avoid major work, Sanivite was the unit of choice. As the owners [...]

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