• sanispeed_grey_water_pump
  • sanispeed_grey_water_pump
  • sanispeed_grey_water_pump


A commercial kitchen or laundry anywhere

  • Handling water temperature up to 75 degrees C
  • Flow rate 100 L/min
  • Sound level: 42 dB (A)
  • Easy to install

Ideal for light commercial environments such as small shops, coffee shops, offices, bars and dental office where grey waste water needs to be pumped away.

Ideal for light commercial applications

Sanispeed deals with grey water from a shower, wash hand basin, bath, bidet, washing machine, dishwasher, sink or commercial coffee station.

The SANISPEED can discharge grey water from a bathroom but also a washing machine or a dishwasher in a kitchen

This lifting pump is manufactured in France in the SFA factory in Brégy (60).


Number of available inlets
Inlet diameter
40 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
32/40 mm
Motor power
Supply voltage
Electrical class
IP rating
Shower tray height
15 cm
Sound level
42 dB(A)
Maximum horizontal discharge
70 m
Maximum vertical discharge
7 m
Engagement Height
95 mm

Dimensions L x H x W (mm):

373 x 275 x 185

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