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  • News , Site case 10/19/2023

    Innovative Solutions for a High-End Car Dealership: A Goldmark Plumbing Case Study

    In the world of plumbing, every project comes with its unique set of challenges. When Goldmark Plumbing received a call from an exotic car dealership located on the 3rd floor of a building, they knew they had to come up with a drainage solution that was not only reliable but also aesthetically pleasing. The client required drainage for a prayer room, a coffee station, and a kitchen, but breaking into the floor was not an option. With drainage ducts positioned at either end ....

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  • News , Site case 07/03/2023

    Innovative solution for large flavorings company's wastewater: Saniflo Underground Installation

    At Saniflo, we are committed to providing innovative and efficient drainage solutions for a wide range of applications. Recently, we had the opportunity to assist a large company known for manufacturing flavors and fragrances, they required a drainage system for their wastewater and food-grade chemicals. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of this project and how Saniflo's underground installation provided an optimal solution.

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