Sanishower Flat

Sanishower Flat

A low level shower anywhere'- Extra flat tray installation

  • Shower + wash hand basin installation
  • No near drain required
  • Quiet


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The Sanishower Flat allows the installation of a flat shower tray. Without the need of an existing drain point or major construction to be done. Sanishower Flat consists of a pump with a very low engagement height (only 30 mm!) and an extra flat trap that is adaptable to all shower trays on the market.

The Sanishower Flat can be...

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Sanishower Flat datasheet

Dimensions L x H x W (mm):

296 x 145 x 165

Sanishower Flat
Max. flow rate 30L/min at 1m
Number of entries 2
Inlet diameter 32 mm (shower) 40 mm (Sink)
Discharge pipework 32/40 mm
Motor power 250 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Power frequency 50 Hz
Maximum absorbed current 1.3 A
Electrical class I
IP rating IP44
Maximum incoming water temperature 35 °C
Maximum horizontal discharge 30 m
Max. head (Q0) 3 m
Weight 3.7 kg
Switching height 30 mm
Shower tray height 8 cm

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