The Sanicubic 2 classic is a robust dual grinder pump that has been designed for the discharge of waste from several bathrooms plus multiple grey water appliances in busy business environments and larger domestic situations.

  • Above the floor pump (no pit needed)
  • Pre assembled, plug and play
  • Backup motor
  • Wired alarm supplied

The Sanicubic 2 Classic contains two separate, load balanced pumps with high performance macerating systems and will operate alternately. In the event of inflow overload, both motors run at the same time, or in the unlikely event that one motor fails, the other one will take over.

Water level is measured by the pressure tube
Waste water pushes up the level in the tank.

When the engagement level is reached, the switch contact closes giving the running order to the circuit board.

The circuit board closes the contact of the relay motor, then the pump motor starts working.

The pump motor reduces the effluents size by the grinder system,  then the effluents are pumped to the main drain.

When the level drops, the pressure switch contact opens and this gives the stop order to the circuit board (the stop is delayed and the motor will stop after a few seconds).

The circuit board opens the relay motor contact, the motor stops.

The return of the effluents evacuated is stopped by the rubber non return valve flap.
On the SANICUBIC 2 classic the pumps operate alternatively. The two pumps can operate simultaneously in case of alarm only.