Sanicubic 1 SC

Sanicubic 1 SC

The Sanicubic 1 SC is ideal for evacuating large quantities of wastewater.

  • Single-channel wheel system
  • Available in three-phase 
  • Has a discharge flow up to 160 m3/h

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The SANICUBIC®1 SC is a lifting station with 1 motor certified IP68, equipped with a high-performance single-channel impeller. 

The SANICUBIC®1 SC is designed for high-volume lifting applications. It benefits from a DN 150 inlet for large volumes of incoming wastewater. 

The station is delivered as standard with its remote...

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Technical data sheet

Sanicubic 1 SC5.5 T
Inlet diameter DN (DN : nominal diameter) 150
Type of control box ZPS 1 case
Tank PE HD
Pump housing GG-20
Motor housing GG-20
Impeller GG-20
Electrical characteristics
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power consumption P1 6300 W
Power output P2 5500 W
IP rating IP68
Mode of operation S3 25%
Max. head (Q0) 18 m
Maximum flow rate 160 m³/h
DN inlets diameter 150
DN discharge diameter 100
DN ventilation diameter 100
Total volume 480 L
Useable volume 270 L
Free passage 100 mm
Max. incoming temperature 55°C (5 mins)
Type of impeller Single-channel wheel
Activation method Pneumatic
Gross weight 225 kg
Barcode 3308815079059
Factory code CUBIC1SC5-5T
Sanicubic 1 SC

Sanicubic 1 SC