SANIFLO: Goes where traditional plumbing can’t!

Press releases 04/11/2019

SANIFLO: Goes where traditional plumbing can’t!

Looking to add an extra bathroom or wanting to move your kitchen to the other side of the house, but the cost of relocating plumbing makes it seem more like a pipe-dream? With Saniflo’s affordable and versatile plumbing systems, you can go where traditional plumbing can’t.

The flexibility of Saniflo systems allows you to tackle any home renovation and plumbing project. Thinking of converting your garage into a granny flat but no existing drain point in this space or upgrading your braai place with a sink or glasswasher but no sewer point around? With Saniflo you don’t need to worry about the location of the sewer line, nor breaking the concrete.

French market inventor and leader in macerating and grey waste water pumps since 1958, Saniflo continues to provide smart solutions to seemingly impossible plumbing projects. What makes their technology exceptional is that it allows you to install a bathroom, kitchen, ensuite or laundry, anywhere you want in your home – remote from, and even below, existing sewer lines. All without the need to core cut concrete or engage in expensive reinstatement work. Less mess and no fuss. It’s that simple.

How does it work?

By choosing Saniflo, you’re opening yourself up to more choices. No longer restricted by traditional plumbing methods, new wet areas really are possible anywhere in your home, even when a sewer line is at one end of the home, and the new bathroom needs to go at the opposite end.

Inventing the product more than fifty nine years experience ago, and with millions units sold worldwide, Saniflo’s range of macerating units and grey water pumps are designed to suit an unlimited number of residential and commercial applications.

Saniflo is a household name across Europe and North America for a number of decades, providing reliable and cost saving solution for millions.

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They offer high quality, low cost and superior installation flexibility without sacrificing aesthetics or compromising water pressure or function – crucial features for both client and contractor.

Depending on the model chosen, wastewater can be pumped up to eleven meters vertically or one hundred meters horizontally (or a lesser combination of both) to reach the nearest existing drain point. Saniflo’s advanced technology also means that there’s no need to core drill and break concrete as gravity is no longer required. What’s more, with Saniflo’s cutting system it’s possible to reduce the outlet pipe size to even 22mm!

Many examples across the world underline the great performance of Saniflo. It is the preferred plumbing solution for royalty and world-class events: a Sanipro XR at Buckingham Palace, another in Royal Morocco Palace, a Sanibest Pro in London Olympic Village, to name a few.

Want to learn more? Check the practical case study from Australia:

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