SFA know-how to manage waste water

  • Sewage lift Station
  • Single phase
  • SFA grinding or Vortex pump available 

SANIFOS ® 250 is a sewage lift station for below ground. It consists of a 250 litre tank and a pump with float switch. Its pump a Vortex allowing to discharge waste by a small diameter. Its high-density polyethylene tank offers strong mechanical resistance and resists chemical attacks.

SANIFOS ® 250 comes equipped with hydraulic stop valve and check valve and also a float alarm with HF remote housing. It offers 6 inlets with different diameters and 2 ventilation holes for easy installation. Its 30 cm extension, available as an accessory, allows installation flexibility.

Thanks to its waterproof terminal block IP68 and its chain for the output of the pump supplied standard, the maintenance is easy. SANIFOS ® 250 benefits from a self-cleaning tank bottom avoiding the risk of sedimentation at the bottom of the tank.

This lifting station to bury is manufactured in France in the SFA factory of Brégy (60).


38 kg
Inlet diameter
6 inlets Ø ext. 50/40/100/110/125
Motor power
1500 W
Supply voltage
Maximum flow rate
SANIFOS® 250 Macerator: 11 m3/h; SANIFOS® 250 Vortex: 27 m3/h
Maximum absorbed current
6 A
Maximum incoming water temperature
70 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Discharge pipe diameter
SANIFOS® 250 Macerator: DN 40 (ext. 50 mm); SANIFOS® 250 Vortex: DN 50 (ext. 63)
Maximum recommended depth
SANIFOS® 250 Macerator: 11 m; SANIFOS® 250 Vortex: 11 m (DN 50)
Tank volume
250 L
Vent diameter
2 x Ø ext. 75
Maximum depth (Q eq 0 m3/h)
SANIFOS® 250 Macerator: 14 m; SANIFOS® 250 Vortex: 13 m
ON/OFF level
400/100 mm
Inlet Water Wire (FEA)
182 mm
Activation method
Thermal overload protection