The pumping solution for your future home

  • Independent operation
  • Ideal for a detached house

Within the SANIFOS range, the SANIFOS® 110 is the most compact model. This pumping station removes all the wastewater from the home: the toilets, sinks, washing machine, etc. The pump has a float mechanism for independent action.


SANIFOS® 110 is delivered ready fitted with pre-mounted hydraulics and a stuffing box for the motor cables. It has four different inlets with different diameters for ease of installation. It has a self-cleaning tank floor which prevents any risk of sedimentation gathering on the tank floor.


This floor-standing pumping station is made in France at the Brégy (60) SFA factory. It has thus received the Guarantee of French Origin.

SANIFOS 110 datasheet

23 kg
Inlet diameter
2 inlets Ø ext. 100/110; 2 x Ø ext. 40/50
Motor power
1500 W
Supply voltage
Maximum flow rate
11 m³/h
Maximum absorbed current
6 A
Maximum incoming water temperature
70 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Discharge pipe diameter
DN40 (Ø ext. 50 mm)
Maximum recommended depth
11 m
Tank volume
110 L
Vent diameter
1 x Ø ext. 75
Maximum depth (Q eq 0 m3/h)
14 m
ON/OFF level
320/120 mm
Inlet Water Wire (FEA)
182 mm
Activation method
Thermal overload protection