Saniflo pumping technology now going underground

  • Single-phase or three-phase Version
  • Alternate activation ensures even wear of motors
  • 500 litre storage tank
  • Easy handling for installation below ground level

A dual motor lifting station that can be used for pumping residential or industrial waste water when the sewer is at too high a level for natural gravity drainage.

SANIFOS ® 500 is a sewage lift station for below ground. It consists of a 500 litre tank and two pumps with float switch's. Each pump incorporates the SFA Vortex technology that allows waste to be discharged with great efficiency. Its high-density polyethylene tank offers strong mechanical resistance and resists chemical attacks.

SANIFOS ® 500 comes equipped with hydraulic stop valve, check valve and also a float alarm with remote housing. It offers 6 inlets with different diameters and 2 ventilation holes for easy installation. Its 30 cm extension, available as an accessory this allows installation flexibility.

Thanks to its waterproof motor IP68 and its chain for removal, this is supplied as a standard, making the maintenance easy.


89 kg
Inlet diameter
6 inlets Ø ext. 50/40/100/110/125
Motor power
SANIFOS® 500 Macerator (single-phase): 2 * 1500 W; SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (single-phase): 2 * 2600 W; SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (three-phase): 2 * 2600 W
Supply voltage
Maximum flow rate
SANIFOS® 500 Macerator (single-phase): 11 m3/h; SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (single-phase): 27 m3/h; SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (three-phase): 36 m3/h
Maximum absorbed current
SANIFOS® 500 Macerator (single-phase): 2 * 6 A; SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (single-phase): 2 * 4.75 A; SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (three-phase): 2 * 4.75 A
Maximum incoming water temperature
70 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Discharge pipe diameter
SANIFOS® 500 Macerator (single-phase): : DN 40 (ext. 50 mm); SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (single-phase): DN 50 (ext. 63mm); SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (three-phase): : DN 50 (ext. 63mm)
Maximum recommended depth
SANIFOS® 500 Macerator (single-phase): 11 m (DN 40); SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (single-phase): 11 m (DN 50); SANIFOS® 500 Vortex (three-phase): 15 m (DN 50)
Tank volume
500 L
Vent diameter
2 x Ø ext. 75
ON/OFF level
400/100 mm
Inlet Water Wire (FEA)
311 mm (with extension: 611 mm)
Activation method
Thermal overload protection