Smooth move, Saniflo!

News 09/23/2019

Smooth move, Saniflo!

Smuuthies, a smoothie bar in Cape Town had a problem. They had a nice spot in the mall, but unfortunately the specific shop had no drain point. This meant that a basin or sink, wasn’t possible, as they had nowhere to go with all the waste water!

Luckily, with Saniflo, they were able to install all the necessary facilities, and at a low cost! The unit of choice was a Sanishower, which had no trouble pumping away the greywater.

The Sanishower is a nifty greywater pump that, despite its name, doesn’t just hide in the bathroom! It can easily take care of greywater and pump it 4m vertically, or 40m horizontally!

Check out our range today to find out how Saniflo can iron out your drainage issues!

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