Saniflo Enables Drainage at New COVID-19 Care Facility

News 08/22/2020

Saniflo Enables Drainage at New COVID-19 Care Facility

With the Western Cape's high number of COVID-19 infections, more patient-care facilities were necessary in Cape Town as it was feared that hospitals would reach their patient-capacity quickly and that patients would have nowhere to go.

The idea came about to turn a warehouse space into a temporary care facility, but there was a challenge: Where would the wastewater go?

Sole Murry from Sutherland Engineers were involved in the project and contacted Saniflo for more information on installing wastewater draining solutions where there were previously none. Peninsular Plumbers were pulled in to facilitate the installation of all the units.

An empty warehouse was identified, and the transformation project began. Time was very limited and traditional plumbing would have taken months to install.

Drainage was required for:


        Wash Hand Basins


        Wash troughs


        Slop Hoppers


        Paraplegic toilets

The project only took one and a half months to complete. Saniflo made a COVID-19 care facility possible in a time that conventional plumbing couldn't.

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