New kids on the block? Nope!

News 12/02/2019

New kids on the block? Nope!

Saniflo has been around for quite some time. Have a look at our timeline below!

1958: French SFA Group (Saniflo) revolutionises the sanitary equipment market by designing the toilet macerator.


1970-1980: After its success in France, Saniflo expands to the rest of Europe and North America, and starts advertising on TV.


1990-2000: Saniflo is one of the first groups in France to apply for quality certifications. Its production sites are some of the first to be ISO certified.


2008: Saniflo celebrates 50 years of innovation.


2011: Saniflo Group is now directly involved in 33 countries through its subsidiaries, and its products are in use in more than 100 countries.


2014: Saniflo Africa(Pty) Ltd opens in Cape Town.


2018: The group celebrates 60 years of innovation.



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